PowerAgenda 1.0

PowerPoint add-in for business users to insert and update agenda slides
1.0.81 (See all)

PowerPoint productivity add-in for business users, that allows to insert and update agenda slides.PowerAgenda is a powerful add-in for PowerPoint and its main purpose is to create agendas, which may be embedded inside presentations with several clicks.

With the help of this add-in, the target audience, which consists of business and education users, will have the possibility to maintain and organize their slideshows, according to a pre-established lineup. Basically, an agenda is made of the titles afferent to each slide. These should be specified in PowerAgenda's main window, one on each row and will be automatically detected by the add-in inside the slideshow. Then, a page number is assigned for each slide; the chief advantage is that if you add or delete pages, the agenda is automatically updated.

PowerAgenda is a great asset for business users who rely on PowerPoint to make rich presentations. It provides a more organized way to express ideas more clearly and integrates perfectly within Microsoft's presenter.

Simple installation and setup:
PowerAgenda takes only a few seconds to install. It creates a separate tab inside Microsoft's platform, where agendas can be managed separately.

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